The World Wide Web Is Easier to Understand than You May Realize

These days, the internet is extremely popular, as more people are using the web than ever before. However, many people can get lost trying to figure out the finer points of the internet. One of the biggest sources of frustration for those trying to learn can be the myriad of special vocabulary words that are used. For most people, HREF HTML CSS tag is just a bunch of gibberish. This article will attempt to explain some of the basic principles of the internet so the next time you hear about HREF HTML, you will know what people are talking about.

The internet involves the sharing of information between computers and other electronic devices over a massive worldwide network. There are many parts to the internet, including email and online gaming. However, the part of the internet that people are most familiar with is the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web is made up of websites or sites. These websites are in turn composed of web pages or pages. A web page is written in a language called HTML. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. A key feature of HTML is what are called hypertext tags. Tags allow the author of a webpage to perform various functions. For example, if the author wants to make particular text bold, they would use a bold tag around that text. Another example would be if the author wanted to change the background color of a page, they could insert a special tag telling the computer what color the background should be.

In this way, HTML seems a lot like a text editor. However, one of the key features of HTML, and indeed the World Wide Web, is the ability to link pages together. The link tag is one of the most powerful tags in HTML and one of the most defining. It allows the author to take what would be ordinary text and turn it into a link which can connect to another page of the same site or to a different site altogether. The link tag in HTML is written HREF. HREF stands for “hypertext reference.” Now, the next time you hear someone talking about HREF HTML or HREF links, you will know what they are talking about. It is just HTML for link.

While HTML may seem daunting at first, it is actually a very simple language that anyone can grasp the basics of. There are several tutorials online to help people learn. There are also special programs that will write HTML for you, so you can still create a website without having to master HTML. Whether you choose to learn more about HTML or not, at least you will not be lost when you hear someone talking about HREF HTML.